Waiting game

And update from my trading. For me trading opens on midnight from Sunday to Monday (00:01 GMT+1) when Natural Gas and Crude Oil trading opens. And Natural gas price really increased in second after opening, but movement was not to big.

I increased a bit my longs on Natural gas and did a bit of small trading. Now move of 10 cents up in price can bring me USD $80. My intentions right now for Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures are like this: If price go down significantly I will increase just a bit my longs, if price go up over my highest opened long, I will close highest long. That one will make me the smallest profit out of all longs, but I will improve my average entry positions. At USD 2.9 I will probably start to open shorts (open sell positions) and closing more longs.

3 screen shots of my current and closed positions:

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