Update after 2 weeks

Sorry for not making trading update for like 2 weeks. Here it is. Basically up to 1 week ago things were boring, expect Tesla was falling, so I keep buying more tesla. Currently all my open Tesla p/l are in negative, but nothing to worry they are open, I am waiting for Tesla to go up, I can handle a lot bigger drops. Actually Tesla was down a lot more compared to now, but I did not decide to buy even more longs. I would at moment with larger open Natural gas probably buy new long Tesla long only if price go to USD $240. For sake of not going to much into to big used margin. I would also mention I am more comfortable making larger stake at Tesla used margin then at Natural Gas used margin. I have 1st leveraged at 5, while 2nd at 10.

So Henry Hub Natural gas dropped to level where I start to make some profit and closing shorts. I also swapped April for May Futures, with not to big change between April and May contract, so when I will close open shorts there the swap wont play to big role.

Now in 3nd picture you will I got a bit out of trading routine because things are boring. I opened quantity of 1000, 800 and 1000 with STOP LOSS and I suffered loss. I try to trade without stop loss, because I trade on low risk with smaller used margin and a lot of free margin. I saw possible reversal between USD $2.850 and USD $2.900 to lower levels, but at same time I was still to afriad that prices could go to more then USD $3 or USD $3.2 or even more. So I went out of routing and placed larger open positions, but in that case of course I placed stop loss and lost 3 times in a row, for total amount around USD $50. Soon after I realized reversal is now really eminent and I went into normal routine and I opened shorts without stop loss. Next week price reversed to down. I took some profit, so I already covered the lost USD $50, the remaining open Natural Gas shorts are pure profit. I will be closing them probably soon to take more profit. If price hits USD $2.65 and lower I will start opening longs.

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