Tonight I will rollover Natural gas to April contracts

Tonight right when market open I will rollover open Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures from March to April contracts. By doing so I will pay some small fee and my entry will be readjusted for difference between March and April contract which is USD $.024, which is not to much. If this figure is to big it can impact strategy, especially for those people who plays dangerous with to big open margin. But I keep my margin low.

Market for Natural gas will open in a bit less then 3 hours and 30 minutes after this post (00:00 GMT+1). I expect bullish changes in weather, so I expect price to go just a bit up 1st second at opening. But change on 1st second should not be to big unless some large players actions will take place.

In last weeks big changes on opening were regular due to changes regarding weather prognosis over weekend, with approach to end of withdrawal season such changes will get smaller and smaller because weather will start to play smaller role in natural gas price movement.

Coal to gas switching will now start to play bigger role in market.

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