Today trading and 1st bits of strategy

Like you can see in 1st picture I closed today Crude oil with EUR 12 profit, the one I opened yesterday. I will probably buy (go long) with smallest position again if price falls to USD 52.xx

Keep in mind I will be saying here things in USD (prices) and in EUR (profit/loss), thats because I am from Europe and my trading account has prices in USD, while profit/loss and related stuff is in EUR (its not any problem at all).

So today view after I closed Crude Oil:

I tend to trade on a longer term and with big free margin and smaller usable margin, I have stop losses more of less so “far away” they are for disaster situations (like the one natural gas almost reaching USD 5.0 in nov 2018)

As you see in picture 2, In last week all closed positions were closed with profit (you can see last week sum of profit and loss), last closed is today Crude oil:

And in last picture I show part from “last 30 days closed positions” where things get closed with “near” stop loss, here I tried to do something that is NOT my strategy and I got burned in EUR 32, EUR 25, EUR 10 loss.

Sorry I mixed ups words LOSS and LOSE

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