Tesla and Natural gas trading update

On Sunday evening price for natural gas really dropped down, but not to much. But USD 2.7 level was broken. On Monday I opened 1 smallest possible long entry at 2.7. Today I got scared we reached lows and we might go up, so I opened 2 more positions at around 2.7 (long ones).

Tesla is going up, so very soon I might start closing positions to take profit. I will probably leave 2 open positions even if we reach USD 347, other 2 I will close earlier just to take some profit (and buy long again at possible lower levels). At USD 347 I might go short with 1 smallest position (on Tesla)

On screen shot you can see profit if I close positions now (on Tesla). I would like to mention that unlike in last 7 days since I started to blog again, there will be times (possible lasting 1-3 months) where I might in minus for some positions for long time. This is normal.

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