Natural gas news and prediction for next week

Just and update. In last days nothing significant happened, I am still waiting for price to go up. Currently balance of possible profit/loss is in loss of -162EUR. This means if I would now close all open positions (but I will not, I am waiting on better price) I would end up in negative.
Like you can see i have now new entry of 1000 pieces which i bought at 2.59 and I closed higher position of 500 pieces which was bought at 2.62 and I close it at 2.65 to make 11EUR profit.
So this is 1st of positions in this deal that i close. I closed it because I saw a chance to lower the risk of losing and increase risk of making profit, and I still made up some profit.  So this is 1st profit take out of deal (11 EUR), while I am still waiting for price of NG to go UP.

I am currently at price of 2.67 still at negative balance of -34-3-100-24-64+63=-162EUR. As you can see I have still Take Profit set to over 3.1. Until Monday evening trading is closed.
At USD 2.67 currently things stands as:
P/L: -€34.25 Bought :200 @ 2.87, SL: 2.474, TP: 3.14
P/L:-€3.00 Bought :300 @ 2.68, SL: 2.453, TP: 3.11
P/L:-€100.22 Bought :500 @ 2.90, SL: 2.482, TP: 3.12
P/L:-€24.81 Bought :500 @ 2.72, SL: 2.462, TP: 3.12
P/L:-€64.29 Bought :600 @ 2.79, SL: 2.472, TP: 3.15
P/L:€63.72 Bought :1,000 @ 2.59, SL: 2.421, TP: 3.14


So all I need is to wait and be calm and not panic. The lowest point so far was where NG reached 2.58, at that point I was far away in negative balance, I am waiting for negative to go into positive.

This would be all until next update on Monday night when trading gets open again.

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