My update to my Sugar and Henry Hub Natural Gas trading

Overview from today with pic in bottom. I am not sure how many “rookies” read this, so I will say don’t be confused with what you see in screen shots there where it says “profit/loss”. This is just temporary profit/loss on OPEN positions, it totally different then profit i made since i renew my campaign (Around start of December i renewed campaign and entered with around 600 EUR), if you look my post on 29th DEC, you see i had balance 800 EUR and great positive equity which i didn’t fully used, but still my balance is today 1461 EUR, with neat potential to go even up, so 30 days were actually good to me, but if NG go like I hope, it will be fantastic.

I just hope my trading account gets bigger and bigger with time, without and need to add extra investment (although i have some read to fill in, in case if i smell big big success)
I think i will need to add in every my post a warning:
Trading CFDs is risky, if you trade you can loss all your deposit, please trade wisely, and trade only for amount you can afford to lose. I advise not to use my post to trading on show commodities/energies if i do some predictions where comodities/energies will move, take any such my possible hints only as speculation and “educational material.”

Otherwise picture says a lot, things moved significantly into my favor if you compare yesterday and todays picture and look there where it says profit/loss.

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