My take on Henry hub natural gas news and forecast

I am trying to grab bull by the horn and lets see what happens with this my investment. I didn’t had time for updates, because I was involved into to many things. I am still trading on multiple commodities and banking small profits. I will post here my attempt to try to get a bit bigger profit with single commodity.

So this article is about banking on Henry hub natural gas. I am going long with it, which means I am a Bull, or with other words a buyer. I am doing leverage 1:50. This means if i commodity go up i will made 50 times profit on my investment, but if it will go down loss with be also times 50. With that being said its normal besides investment money I must have also enough of money on account to be able to go into negative.

My situation at this time:

P/L: -€42.83
Bought :200 @ 2.871, SL: 2.474, TP: 3.01, 

P/L: -€15.41
Bought :300 @ 2.681, SL: 2.453, TP: 3.11
P/L: -€121.80
Bought :500 @ 2.904, SL: 2.482, TP: 3.12
P/L:  €1.11
Bought :500 @ 2.620, SL: 2.434, TP: 3.16
P/L: -€45.69
Bought :500 @ 2.728, SL: 2.462, TP: 3.24
P/L: -€89.67
Bought :600 @ 2.795, SL: 2.472, TP: 3.15
One word 1st, my trading account is in EUR, so i will show total profits/loss in EUR, while shares value will be in USD.
As you can see i have 200+300+500+500+600 shares that i bought at different values. I am currently in loss for total of around 42+15+121-1+45+89 EUR. I have stop losses under 2.5 USD, and I have exits at over 3 USD. So lets see if i will lose over 600 EUR or made more 1000 USD. Trading resumes today on Sunday night at 23:01 GMT (Greenwich time) at value of 2.626 USD.
Lets wait, no panic here you must be prepared to lose and sleep good at night.
Balls of steel.
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