My natural gas and now also sugar trading continues

Its 1 week since my last post. In my last post I was in position to close open orders at 500 to 750 EUR profit (I actually was at 750 EUR profit) or to wait for natural gas to increase over USD 3.1 and to cash even bigger profit. So here is how things stands.

I didn’t close at those 750 EUR profit but I decide to wait, unfortunately price didn’t reach target, so profit started to decrease. I was getting closer and close¬† to possible scenario where I would go into temporary minus with closing and making profit. At that scenario which I was already 3 weeks ago I could wait again long time and there would be chance NG would go to much into minus that i could handle (a point of margin call where i could lose majority of my money). So I decided to do some closing (even at a lot smaller profit) and cash out a few times on on volatility while deciding to find good opening bull positions for NG. I also wanted to enter with more positions into Sugar No11 commodity.

So current result of 1 month journey is I actually close over EUR 500 profit (picture close positions). I am speaking about CLOSING positions, so it was actually profit, and then I also opened again new positions (picture new opened positions). On picture that I made its 500 EUR profit but there is actually bigger profit, because I was to lazy to also do 2nd picture with around 150 EUR of profit. So after all if i recap last 1 month I already close 650 EUR of profit.

If you look again picture new open positions you can see at moment of writing I am on profit with sugar if i would close positions (but i wont do that yet) and in minus with Henry Hub Natural gas if i would close positions (of course i wont do that). So 650 EUR was collected and now game continues with larger wallet.



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