My journey to reach EUR5000 per month with CFD stock trading

In case someone would be interested into following my journey I will write here about my progress.
My journey is to reach EUR5000 per month while making  5%-10% profit every day on whatever amount I have at the moment on account with CFD stock trading

-i will not focus to much on crpyto currency (only small part), crypto market is to volatile (it means it go up and down to much), perhaps i will later explain why I prefer at the moment not to deal to much with crypto
-no need to ask me on which platform i am trading, in the end I guess this really is not so important
-I am trading already for 1 month, i lost to much on crypto that i earned with other stock. Smaller amount i made so far i pulled out of account to clear it and test if i can really get back earned money and then i started on new.
-I would point out a read a lot news about stuff i buy/sell
-This is CFD stock trading, most stocks have leverage 50, crypto has 10, in some cases crypto 5
-One strong point, CFD trading is very risky trading!!! But I try to have stuff under control
-My dream (i wanted to put this into title, but i didn’t dare , because i am happy with much less) would be to be to make profit out of this to be able to afford Tesla model S with all sort of attachments :)

So 7 days ago i started from 0, i deposited EUR200, and then on Monday (2 days ago) i deposited again 200, between and after those 2 deposit i made EUR400 (I don’t expect to make such profit in such short time, but I got lucky with some stocks). Like said I am aiming on 5-10% daily profit on whatever amount of money i have. So at this point yesterday I had 2 times 200 euros and profit 400 I come to almost exact number EUR 800, so I decided yesterday to spice up things and i deposited EUR 300 more, meaning this morning I was at EUR 1100 (700 deposit 400 profit)

Today/tomorrow i have big expectations about profit that I can make. But I will not keep reminding you this is risky business, you should not get carried away with buying to much. I must keep reminding my self I must have non used money on my account at all time to cover big ups and down that can happen, so of course i don’t buy/sell with all money on account.


Edit, adding picture with earnings from today, profit from today is so far EUR60 and i am now up to EUR1160

If there would be each day so good as today that would be 60×30=1800 per month. But as money in account will get bigger (1160) so will earnings per day.

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