My 3 weeks investment into natural gas reached today EUR 500 profit

Around 2-3 weeks ago I invested around EUR 140 into natural gas. To be able to handle potential temporary losses (to go into minus balance) I also had EUR 600 on account. During those 3 weeks I had open positions for up to 3100 (200+300+500+500+500+600+1000) pieces of Henry Hub Natural Gas NG. If you read my previous posts you will notice I closed 1 or 2 open positions and opened 1 new position. But I did that at profit, so current profit if even a bit bigger.
Noticed: I am mentioning profit and losses in EUR, while @ (my entry price), SL (stop loss setting, if things get out of control) and TP (take profit) are displayed in USD. This is because I have EUR account, but I am trading commodity in USD dollar.

I am currently on profit of 8+60+5+80+62+273=Almost EUR 500. If you read my previous post you could see on most of days I was in temporary minus as price of NG was going up and down. At some point when Natural Gas reached lowest point I was in minus for EUR 500. But that temporary minus is now on neat profit of around EUR 500. So I can now close all deal and take EUR 500, or I can wait and make potentially more money? Of course things can go down again. What would you do ? Do you have balls of steel to sleep good at night :)? I can lose all investment if value of NG go to much into negative. If it reaches USD 3.1$ profit will be around EUR 1000, with a EUR 140 investment and additional EUR 600 on account to cover temporary (hopefully only temporary) negative positions.
NG is at time of writing at around USD 2.930$. I am on 1:50 leverage.
If P/L = positive, I am in a profit, if P/L= negative I am in a loss. So currently I am on profil for all 6 open positions below:
P/L: €8 Bought :200 @ 2.87, SL: 2.47, TP: 3.13
P/L: €60 Bought :300 @ 2.68, SL: 2.45, TP: 3.11
P/L:   €5 Bought :500 @ 2.90, SL: 2.48, TP: 3.12
P/L: €80 Bought :500 @ 2.72, SL: 2.46, TP: 3.12
P/L: €62. Bought :600 @ 2.79, SL: 2.47, TP: 3.15
P/L: €273 Bought :1,000 @ 2.59, SL: 2.42, TP: 3.14
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