Moving into profitable area with Natural Gas

So right after market opened there was really very nice price increase. And during the day there were even nicer changes up. I rolled over March Natural gas contracts to April contracts. I eat some smaller fee. From now on when I mention Natural gas price I will be speaking about April contract price.

Like you see all open natural gas positions are now in positive. I closed 1 out of 10 open. I will buy more if price go below USD $2.75 and I will close if open long ones from USD $2.85 to USD $3 range one by one to take profit. And I think at USD $2.9 I will start to short them a bit. But like said if price go down I will buy smallest 1 or 2 positions of longs and I will have to wait more.

I would love to buy some more Tesla longs, there was big opportunity on Friday when price was even lower then today. But I did not want to have to big risky amount of open margin.

The same goes for Crude Oil Futures, today it took neat drop down and if I would not had any open positions I would certainly buy 2-3 longs.

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