Into new Trading battle

Its new week, I am getting excited for new trading week. Natural gas and Crude oil trading opens in around 3 hours and 15 minutes after this post. Like usually on 1st day Natural gas can change significantly at 1st moment when trading gets open. This is especially the case during withdrawal season and can happen for example when weather prognosis for week or for 2 weeks ahead changes over the weekend.

I am attaching 1st screen shot made after bell closed on Friday. Just before closing on Friday I made some minor adjustments.

And 2nd screen shot is from last closed positions. I would like to point out not to mix the meaning of circled Profit/Loss field, because this will in more then 50% cases when screen shot is made be in negative. This shows profit or loss on open position. And if its for example to big in positive I will probably close some positions and then field profit/loss on open positions will be negative.

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