I reached today EUR 3000 on account

My equity reached today EUR 3000. This is amount that I would got if closed at moment all positions at cash out. For your knowledge equity is Balance +/- current profit/loss. While balance is how much account is worth if you wound not open current open positions. So real value of account is actually equity.

So Tesla went up again and I closed again 1 position with EUR 12.44 profit. Now I have again 4 open positions (smallest possible each). I will open again 1 new position (long) if price falls for more then USD 5, and I will probably close one if price gets over USD 325 to take some profit.

I buy/sell the most natural gas, this is where I trade the most. But I do not like opening any position there at the moment. Combination of current price, weather forecast, gas in storage, past price behavior are not tempting for me. I will open 1st smallest long at 2.700 or one smallest short probably at 2.980. But I think we might reach 2.700 1st.

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