I increased my stake in Natural gas and Tesla

In last 5 days I increased my stake in Henry Hub Natural Gas and in Tesla. My used margin is now quite big at EUR 669.83, but 1000 Natural Gas shorts are on stop loss if price gets over USD $2.861. Take profit setting at USD $2.555 is a bit irrelevant because I would take profit already earlier.

By the way I explained once, why I tell part of things in EUR (profit, loss and similar account related things) and parts in USD (stock and commodities price). Its because I am from EU, so my account is in EUR. But I like to see prices in USD.

I would lose around EUR 17 if price would reach USD $2.861. At some occasions loss could be bigger. Such was the case at moment when market opens after weekend. If gap up at 1st second would be to big, then stop loss would not save me and loss could be bigger. But nothing drastic happened after weekend.

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