I closed all Natural Gas longs

Because I was under impression Natural Gas Futures will now go slowly down, I closed all longs while they were still over USD $2.8. Like it looks now I made good decision. But even price would go higher I would not be to sorry, because I would open then more shorts.

Tesla finally went up a bit, so currently I am in a waiting game with long open Tesla positions. I am not sure yet at what price I would start to close them, because that would a lot depend on fact if there would be some favorable position for Natural Gas or Crude oil. At the moment if crude oil is over USD $56 I am not touching in any direction.

Like you see I am not touching at all Sugar No. 11 Futures. That is because with sugar futures minimal open order has bigger open used margin then other 3 stocks/futures.

So currently I am hoping Tesla to go up, or looking for more favorable position with Natural Gas to enter again. For Natural Gas I would open longs at USD $2.6 and I would open tiny shorts at USD $2.85 and more at USD $2.9

And if there is a chance that I could close some Tesla and there is no favorable position with Natural Gas, I would open 1 long with Sugar if price is bellow or around USD $12.00.

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