I am back with blog on trading

After long time i decided i will write blog again about stock and commodities trading.

A bit of recap from recent development. If you check picture you will see I have on account now for around EUR 2900. I climbed in nov 2018 to EUR 4000, but i suffered a lot because of big bullish Natural gas and my portfolio went down to EUR 1000. I was in bad position and had to close many open orders in minus. I reentered again as Bear in Natural gas and managed to pull EUR 500 (after lost of EUR 3000) on day when many many just like me lost money because price went so high. In December and January I waited long long time as Bear will sell orders to recover part of loses. As you see I am now at EUR 2900.

I trade for now:

  • Henry Hub Natural Gas (primary)
  • Sugar No. 11
  • Tesla
  • Crude Oil
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