How this week trading ended

Friday ended good from my point of view, I am happy Natural Gas futures moved a bit up in price, so we do not break heavy USD $2.55 or USD $2.5 in case if there is bearish weather surprise over weekend. But I am hoping on some bullish weather change. I have now a bit more open positions then 1 week ago.

Trading goal for Natural Gas remains similar like previous week. If we go over value of my highest long I will start closing highest one with tiny profit, while I will keep open the most profitable one (lowest opened longs) until some USD $2.9. And if I close anything and we dip below USD $2.7 again, then I will buy more longs on dip down.

With such action I will try to lower my average weighted entry. At his moment my average weighted entry is USD $2.643. So with 10 positions like now, move up to USD $2.743 means USD $100 profit (just and example if I would wait and decide to close all at that positions)

Like said I am very happy my average entry, I could open more positions at low levels but I do not want to be in to risky situation if price moves heavily down.

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