Henry Hub Natural Gas news December 18 2017

Its new day and Natural gas price finally went up, long waiting is making profit on some my entries, but I will wait more and I am aware price might turn into negative again.

This is overview how my positions looks today at around 20:20 GMT 0 Greenwich time:


P/L: -€22.51
Bought :200 @ 2.871, SL: 2.474, TP: 3.04
P/L: €14.93
Bought :300 @ 2.681, SL: 2.453, TP: 3.116

P/L: -€70.98
Bought :500 @ 2.904, SL: 2.482, TP: 3.12
P/L: €51.60
Bought :500 @ 2.620, SL: 2.434, TP: 3.16
P/L: €4.93
Bought :500 @ 2.728, SL: 2.462, TP: 3.24
P/L: -€28.84
Bought :600 @ 2.795, SL: 2.472, TP: 3.15
Again some warning so you don’t get to confused, my trading account is in EUR, so my profit and loss will be shown in EUR, while commodity price, entries, possible stop losses and targeted exits (so called take profit) will be in USD.
So compared to yesterday things looks a bit brighter because commodity went up now to 2.741 USD, yesterday I was with my open positions on commodity at :
42+15+121-1+45+89=311. So I was at loss of 311 USD if i would close my positions, but of course I am not closing them, I am risking and waiting for price to go up, although I might end up in bigger lose.
Today with price at 2.741 USD I am at:
22-14+70-51-4+28=51 USD. So if I would close my positions now (which I am not) I would be at loss 51USD (yesterday that would be at loss 311 USD). Meaning my open positions on this commodity went from -311 to -51. So stuff look today a lot better then yesterday.
I am keeping on going, I am taking good care so some bad news doesnt scare me to exist and cloud my judgement.
I will go and sleep well. Game on.
Balls of steel
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