Closed longs on Tesla, new longs on Natural gas

Yesterday I decided to increase my stake in Henry Hub Natural gas Futures. Price has decline enough for me to enter with long. But I will not enter to much, I must still be able to handle big drops in case if some disaster strike. So I should still be relative ok even if price drops to USD 2,2 or 2,0 or something lower not seen in last years.

Because Natural gas prices looks now for me a lot better I decided to close some Tesla while I am still on profit with Tesla. Then at lower price I opened some new long Tesla. So closing Tesla was good. Although if I closed earlier profit would be doubled, but hey profit is a profit.

You can see I also opened some positions for very short time and then I closed them because I changed my mind. I think price for natural gas will sooner or later fall to 2.5 with prompt month futures, currently prompt month future contract is March

And in last pictures is a bit more detailed overview on entry and close on last 4 or 5 trades:

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