Bitcoin From sky high USD5000 to USD3000 and back to normal 3738

Like predicted by some experts bitcoin really drop and stooped at just below USD3000. If we knew this fact in front for 100% even with small investment of USD 100$ huge profits could be made with CFD stock trading. Several times of the invested amount would be made in downfall from USD5000 to USD3000 (or USD4000 to USD3000 in later stage) . So if some trader would come with 100% attitude “I am sure this will drop to 3000$” he would made huge money, at best his profit would go up 10 times on any investment made. If he invested USD300 he would get USD3000, if he invested USD 1000 he would get USD10000. What many do not know is with stock trading you can make money when stock go down, and then again when it go up.

But that 10 times earning factor on downfall is ideal and you need to have something out of steel to believe some facts that were presented by market analysts day before. If things would not go like that (from 5000 to 3000) you could made a lot less, or even worse lose all investment.

There are several ways of stock trading, soon I will make article and give some ongoing examples with screen shoots. But I will represent more secure way of trading which is for me less risky, its not so extremely high profitable as risky trading, but still even if there is 5 to 10% daily profit on given investment that is not bad.

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