My 3 weeks investment into natural gas reached today EUR 500 profit

Around 2-3 weeks ago I invested around EUR 140 into natural gas. To be able to handle potential temporary losses (to go into minus balance) I also had EUR 600 on account. During those 3 weeks I had open positions for up to 3100 (200+300+500+500+500+600+1000) pieces of Henry Hub Natural Gas NG. If you read my previous posts you will notice I closed 1 or 2 open positions and opened 1 new position. But I did that at profit, so current profit if even a bit bigger.
Noticed: I am mentioning profit and losses in EUR, while @ (my entry price), SL (stop loss setting, if things get out of control) and TP (take profit) are displayed in USD. This is because I have EUR account, but I am trading commodity in USD dollar.


Natural gas news and prediction for next week

Just and update. In last days nothing significant happened, I am still waiting for price to go up. Currently balance of possible profit/loss is in loss of -162EUR. This means if I would now close all open positions (but I will not, I am waiting on better price) I would end up in negative.
Like you can see i have now new entry of 1000 pieces which i bought at 2.59 and I closed higher position of 500 pieces which was bought at 2.62 and I close it at 2.65 to make 11EUR profit.
So this is 1st of positions in this deal that i close. I closed it because I saw a chance to lower the risk of losing and increase risk of making profit, and I still made up some profit.  So this is 1st profit take out of deal (11 EUR), while I am still waiting for price of NG to go UP.


Henry Hub Natural Gas news December 18 2017

Its new day and Natural gas price finally went up, long waiting is making profit on some my entries, but I will wait more and I am aware price might turn into negative again.

This is overview how my positions looks today at around 20:20 GMT 0 Greenwich time:


P/L: -€22.51
Bought :200 @ 2.871, SL: 2.474, TP: 3.04
P/L: €14.93
Bought :300 @ 2.681, SL: 2.453, TP: 3.116


My take on Henry hub natural gas news and forecast

I am trying to grab bull by the horn and lets see what happens with this my investment. I didn’t had time for updates, because I was involved into to many things. I am still trading on multiple commodities and banking small profits. I will post here my attempt to try to get a bit bigger profit with single commodity.

So this article is about banking on Henry hub natural gas. I am going long with it, which means I am a Bull, or with other words a buyer. I am doing leverage 1:50. This means if i commodity go up i will made 50 times profit on my investment, but if it will go down loss with be also times 50. With that being said its normal besides investment money I must have also enough of money on account to be able to go into negative.

My situation at this time:

P/L: -€42.83
Bought :200 @ 2.871, SL: 2.474, TP: 3.01,